Graphene and its Application

Superior properties over existing materials



Graphene has been attracting great interest due to its extraordinary electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties, resulting from its two-dimensional structure, and to its potential applications such as energy, wind turbines, construction, defence, automotive, aeronautics and aerospace applications. The incoorporation of  graphene sheets in polymer matrix can enhance characteristic properties of materials. It is possible to solve the problems of industry by using one type of material since graphene can act as a lubricating agent, an antimicrobial agent, a flame retardant, a reinforcing agent, a modifier and also provide gas barrier effect and thermal stability.




Graphene Application

        • Electrodes for batteries and fuel cells

        • Construction materials

        • Lubricants

        • Interior of automotive and airplanes

        • Wings of wind turbines and airplanes

        • Flame retardants

        • Thermoset and thermoplastic polymers

        • Defense industry

        • Rubber industry